Rayowa ‘Chance’ : Don’t lose your chance, baby. Once gone, it’s gone.

Rayowa / Photo: Aron Klein

Rayowa said: “’Chance’ is about seizing an opportunity and not letting self-doubt take hold of you. It’s a continuation on from ‘Better Man’ and the next part of a success story we want to tell and aim to live out. It’s about having the confidence within yourself to go on and achieve all your dreams.”

Don’t lose your chance, baby. Once gone, it’s gone.

There’s nothing better than a match made in heaven. There something good about meeting on this dance floor of passions. As your eyes lock on to your next target, our hearts mend from our past baggages of scars, and let loose to the music.

Rayowa’s groovy pop disco intentions, work with vigor. The band of three brothers, Dan, Reece and Luke, all share a love of soul, funk and pop music. Their sound is classic and contemporary: mixing the crystal-clear falsetto and chiming guitars of disco with slick production and effortless charisma. In a previous guise the band gained praise from the ultimate hitmaker, Nile Rodgers.

Dang straight. So, what’s it going to be gurrrl??


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