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Real Clothes Shares Mystifying Project & Single, ‘The Year of Midnight Honey’.

Nico Fox is the mind behind this mystifyingly off-world project named REAL CLOTHES. And the obvious strength of Nico and her works, is the delectably present industrial synth, judicious guitar effects and notes, which come together in this viscerally interesting indie-rock folk/psyche amalgamation.

A torch to the heart that will never get its love.

A pension for the emotions that have broken, but a sliver of silver lining remain.

A poignant reticence to the Universe that seems to be against you and all of your derivatives.

Nico is a Haitian-American artist, who combines noises, to make music come alive in its often darkest or unexplored facets.

See her next at The Bowery Electric on September 25th, in New York City.



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