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Real Ponchos Shares ‘Stranger Days’. We Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.

The spacial exploration by the gang in REAL PONCHOS through their single ‘Stranger Days’ is egregious and un-apologetic. There’s a sense that the band has worn the feathered glider and has jumped off of the cliffs of Dover, with zero sound of the winds from the Oceans yonder.




The glider is seeking what’s his, from corner to corner of the spacial plane. He wavers his right arm to slide forward to another slice of the Universe. He leans left to glance off of the brilliance that is realized.

But it’s later on where he realized that staying home was the answer to his prayers.

His girl. His family. His friends and acquaintances – all were in his sphere of influence; influencing him from the silent and beckoning celebratory anchors, he had forsaken at one time.

Now, he followed through with his angst and left the home that he knew.

Alas, not everything is lost.

Look forward into the vastness.

Be strong.

Then fly straight into that corner of your heart, and reclaim it, as it should be.

REAL PONCHO consists of Ben Arsenault, Emile Scott, Michael Wagler, and Emlyn Scherk. The groove is undeniable and when the music flows from the band, we take our ears and point it to the sky. We really don’t want to miss a thing.



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