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REBECCA BLASBAND Shares ‘Those Happy Days’. “Compelling. Folk. Hearty.”

On November 16th, REBECCA BLASBAND will release her newest album ‘HERE’.

“These songs are a collaboration with the spirit of John Lennon,” Rebecca describes. “NYU in 1987, a couple of friends and I met and spent time with the spirit of John Lennon over a period of a month. An unusual, experimental and warm friendship developed. In 1991 John and I reconnected and began a musical collaboration that lasted until year 2000 and produced eleven songs. This is not a ‘John Lennon’ album. This is the album of our communication. Spirit is real. As real as love.”

She knows how to exclaim her focus, doesn’t she?

Simply put, there’s a lot of things that make Rebecca’s music compelling for your ears. But for us, it’s her humanity in her song making that makes it good for us. Her honesty in lyrical works, coupled with airy instrumentals, framed around the folk genre, makes ‘Those Happy Days’ a delight to dip our senses into.

The Bucks County, Pennsylvania born native, traveled the world and has been making music for a long time. Relevant and poignant issues of singles have been added to the world wide conversation since 1991, and have been making things brighter.

We think this single is fab.

Give it a go.



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