Rebecca Karpen ‘Minyan in a Ghost Town’ : There can be solace and acceptance to walk towards the best of what our society can achieve.

Rebecca Karpen / Photo: Nathaniel Korb

With maturity and conscious revelry, NYC artist Rebecca Karpen pronounces with utter contempt for limitations and self induced castrations of emotional dogmas. A singer/songwriter, with the fascinating excitement for commentary and absolute humanity, Rebecca shows her talents in the most revealing of ways via ‘Minyan in a Ghost Town’.

“The day after I went into lockdown, I had a terrible anxiety attack and wrote an entire EP and this is my debut single from that aforementioned EP.”

She tells her listeners that she makes “sad-girl folk music”. But from looking at history, “sad folk music” seldom turns out as it’s been described. It is, in all intent and purpose, a cry-out for the animal – the beast – that is within us all. There are many dangers, grievances, injustices and horrors in this world. But with songs like ‘Minyan in a Ghost Town’, in the best traditions of the best folk singer/songwriters of the 20th century, it shines a light on the potentiality of the happiness that could occur, for one and all.

If we think. If we work together. If we come as humans. There can be solace and acceptance to walk towards the best of what our society can achieve.

We think, in all her shock and quarantined awe, Rebecca felt the same way (hence, the birth of her EP), ultimately resulting in pouring out of her frustrations, onto sonic paper.

Rebecca’s got some things to get off her chest. But don’t get her wrong. The unassuming gal with the folk vibe in her heart, will do her very best to exude the kindness and empathy, she’s hoping others will amplify – in kind.

Let’s see where she can take us.

All streaming proceeds will go directly to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.


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