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Rebecka Sandberg Shares Refreshingly Fab ‘September Nights’.

There are times when we feel we’d been cheated if we don’t see a particular artist, band, act at a local area venue. Well, to be honest we feel like that everyday, for there are so much good music that’s being produce in the world.

But it’s not a ‘depression-fest’ everyday (though we do cuss a bit under our breaths). It’s quite cheerful. And when looking at the positives of being exposed to so many fabulous talents living and working around this round planet of ours, we get content then giddy.

One of those times came when listening to REBECKA SANDBERG. Based in Stockholm, Sweden the music project has been in the works with her brother by her side for several years.

We’re not sure why they had not released single earlier in their development, but one thing’s for sure – we’re just glad they have released their first in ‘September Nights’.

The single is a no holds barred Americana-country delight which, as mentioned before, could be a highlight of anyone’s day.

It is a refreshingly fabulous single from Rebecka.

When her unique vocals enter the fray, the clouds part to a crystal clear clarity. And as the guitars and supporting casts of notes come play, it is a done deal for the listener, as the popping lyrics hit at all parts of your intrinsic love for what country music can be.

The modern take of this single, especially its chorus, is decadent, dripping in charisma and excitement.

The song is an anthem for life and how it can be glorious.

Beautiful stuff, Rebecka and brother, David Sandberg.

We hope to hear more and more from the duo, as they play ever larger stages.

A treat, indeed.



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