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RECOGNIZER Shares ‘The Lighthouse’. “Riffs. Ripping. Through. Veins. Feel It?”

This is the music video for RECOGNIZER’s single ‘The Lighthouse’. And it’s a fabulous amenity to the fab single. Feel again the coarse grinding of the riffs, driven straight into your veins. Feel it? We did.

The Little Rock, Arkansas based band is so good. And in ‘The Lighthouse’ they demonstrate again, their philosophy behind music construction and what really drives their love of music.

As for the video: “It was filmed locally with the assistance of a large group of martial arts kids and an endlessly patient retro arcade. Everyone did their own stunts. That probably doesn’t sound that impressive for a micro-budget DIY production, but you try starting your weekend with an unending barrage of body slams. Bodily harm aside, it was a good time. Hopefully that same vibe comes across in the video.”


The band is made up of: Steve Cook, Mike Mullens, Jesse Flatte, and Mike Mullins.

And they rock.



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