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Red Hare Shares Hella Good Title Track Single ‘Little Acts of Destruction’ In Video Form. Technology.

We’d done a small review of Red Hare’s second LP ‘Little Acts Of Destruction’ LP back end of March. We’d stated about their single ‘Affirmation’: “…is that story in wanting, and the act of showing desire. But do plans go about the way it should, all the time? Nope. And sometimes, it’s just needed to shout it out and make sure the message is known. Short, sweet, right to the point – the single doesn’t cow tow to one’s feelings. It accepts it and kicks it out the door.”

The title track is as aggressive as we’d like it to be. It morphs and tantalizes with every power chord, slapped in that mean ham sandwich of your face cheeks.

The video is even better, for it has two things we love: (1) caricature of the famous novel “Watership Down” rabbits (but as bigger bad-asses , and (2) craggy and awesome animated aggressive rock.

Can’t go wrong.

Edit the Family
Like Wire
Foley Artist
Little Acts of Destruction
When My Stars Sleep It’s For Ages
Panic Training Sessions
Never Live Again
Take a Walk
That’s Not the Same

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