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RED LIGHT EFFECT Shares ‘Empress’.

Listen to the chorus. Yep. That makes the song, what it is, and why it’s so enjoyable. There’s a sense of empathy in the combination of the vocals and the hard-rock sensibilities. This single is more on the rock side, and it’s the right call to make. The reverb guitar effect, make the bridge between the feeling you can get from later RUSH songs, but with the taste and flavor of what rock goodness. It’s a yummy combination, and we dig it so.

Don’t get us wrong, they are straight in the realm of alt-rock and rock.

It’s rare to see us at CHF reviewing clear cut rock singles, but there are times when exceptions can be made. For we look at uniqueness that is sprinkled within a song. Not the ordinary, but distinct elements – by design – make us hold on with dear life.

We’d welcome you to go and hear their other singles. We think you’ll like what they represent and their philosophy in rock music construction (eg ‘Phosphorous’, ‘Sunflower State’).

Once again, the guitar play is fabulous. The mix is tight.


Congrats you guys. Kudos.

Red Light Effect is a Salford UK based 4 piece band.



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