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red steppes – Trouble

Sold out red steppes’ physicals for ‘Arc’ is something to hear. The sophomore release from red steppes is a ‘fruit of a series of displacements, disturbances, and reorientations’, as the artist put it. From that album came ‘Trouble’, “the inevitable struggle of navigating a culture that discounts the testament of women’s bodies”. A strong willed and empathetic song of and for strength, the Brooklyn based folk artist of the most modern, keeps that thought process right an center for all to examine. Just a reminder from CHF, about the fabulous album in ‘Arc’. Also, it’s available digitally.

NISHA – Parade

NISHA’s single’s single ‘Parade’ was fabulously received, as the artist from The Big Apple, threw down rhymes as she always does when it counts. Off of the EP ‘Behavior Self’, the artist gives love to the city that never sleeps, works hard, takes itself seriously, and parties hard when off the clock. ‘Parade’ is a symphony of simple digital notes, surrounded by the dynamic and poetic culmination in NISHA’s lyrical acumen. It’s a happy song, about a happy and wild town. The subdued and understated vibe of the song, is that classic ‘speak softly; wield a big stick’ mentality.

Michael Baker – One God Damn

Brighton UK based artist MICHAEL BAKER puts it beautifully here: “”Written in the shadows of sadness looking towards the light. It’s about accepting the darkness, and understanding how to see the beauty in moments, regardless, and longing to be able carry the weight of the burden’s on those you love…We should really help each other as much as we can, I wouldn’t be okay without the help from my people, kindness is key – share the love!” A charming way to really understand the artist in his song ‘One God Damn’, at the core. The piano framed single is a song of reminders and of what can become when love is there at the cornerstone of thought and effort. Sometimes hard to do, but it’s a neighborhood of philosophy worth coming back to when things aren’t working out as it should.

Sully Gravity – Take Me To The Ocean

SULLY GRAVITY’s voice is to die for. His song ‘Take Me To The Ocean’ is there to listen while you’re in the fight of your life. The world is big enough for all of us. It is a place of utter resources. Even the resource of love and being loved. Sully was born in Spain to Nigerian parents, where his gain into the gospel music world added to the classical music studies. His palpable delivery, in each word of a verse, is powerful indication for the convictions where reality and fantasies can converge once again.

Slim Tin Fox – Salt

As SLIM TIN FOX puts it: “A Brazilian, an Italian, an American, and an Irishman walk into a bar in Dublin…..” What a way to get the audience’s ears perking up, right? Well, when you listen to ‘Salt’, you get it. You get that the quartet isn’t f*ckin’ around. You get that the band isn’t one to trifle with. You also get that the seriousness comes with texture. Sophistication and thought of bringing sensible rock music in a death-throw like thrust is what STF does. And you know what? You ain’t f*ckin’ around about supporting them. Kind of funny how life works, eh??


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