Red Tail Hawk ‘Strokes’ : They please in layered plots, radical and subtle.

Red Tail Hawk

The title single, ‘Strokes’, is cascading paint in caustic contrasts and hymn-like reverence. Stating the fabric of the single, Red Tail Hawk stated: “It’s a prismatic phantasmagoria. A sonic kaleidoscope. The imagery creates a surreal world within and without. Nature and man as one. Darkness as the shadow cast by the light and the light prevailing.”

Frontman Ben Zanfagna is a fluent vocalist and sax player whose songwriting and arrangements have been inspired by raw experience, blues, jazz and soul but are never bounded by conventional norms.

Following the release of Red Tail Hawk’s self-titled EP (2011) and their late-2014 release, ‘Magnetic Malaise’ their late-2015 single releases, ‘Zoo’ and ‘Blot’ the band released a full-length album, ‘Night Soup’ in June, 2016. Their single, ‘Trees’ was released in late 2018. The incendiary remix/remaster of ‘Bilderberg’ was released in July, 2019.

Red Tail Hawk’s music is a vibrant fusion of alternative, groove rock and pop. Heady grooves and high-energy performances are their game, and they please in layered plots, radical and subtle.

LP is out now.


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