Red Tail Hawk ‘Wanted’ : All of that hard work makes the flavors of life, worth fighting for.

Red Tail Hawk

Off of the latest LP ‘Strokes’ (out now), Red Tail Hawk brings a reggae infused goodness with ‘Wanted’. A hyper single for and of love, the grooves of dance and lust, mingle in an aftertaste of wallowing charm and unforgettable looping licks.

Frontman Ben Zanfagna is a fluent vocalist and sax player whose songwriting and arrangements have been inspired by raw experience, blues, jazz and soul but are never bounded by conventional norms.

Following the release of Red Tail Hawk’s self-titled EP (2011) and their late-2014 release, ‘Magnetic Malaise’ their late-2015 single releases, ‘Zoo’ and ‘Blot’ the band released a full-length album, ‘Night Soup’ in June, 2016. Their single, ‘Trees’ was released in late 2018. The incendiary remix/remaster of ‘Bilderberg’ was released in July, 2019.

Red Tail Hawk’s music is a vibrant fusion of alternative, groove rock and pop. They capture audiences with soaring melodies, heady grooves and high-energy performances that have earned them distinction on Boston’s north shore.

Along with Ben, the band is made up of talents Mike Gruen, Eric Turner, Reed Dieffenbach and Pete Whitehead, where dynamics of seduction is a part of life’s games. But in the case of the work put in by Red Tail Hawk, all of that hard work makes the flavors of life, worth fighting for.

We all can relate, no?


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