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Redwood Honey // High Five Danger // Sons Of New York // Joanne Rand // Naz+

Redwood Honey – 18:22

’18:22′ is a beautiful indie-country song. It hits all the right chords. It hits all of the goose-bump inhibiting story telling that is imminent and warranted. The Boston Massachusetts based band drives roots/rock habits to a hook laden single that is pop-radio bound. Having formed in 2018, the band consistently drives the emotions to another level, as each chorus is sung. REDWOOD HONEY consists of Sam Haiman, CC Ellis, Nick Groat, Matt Daspit, and Joey Dougherty. The throwback goodness of the band is rare to see, and as they gel even more in their brand new band, we think they’ll be making waves in significant ways. The essence of making hits is in the DNA of RH, it seems. Can’t wait to see what can be done.

High Five Danger – Catalyst

Portland based band HIGH FIVE DANGER shares single ‘Catalyst’. The power-pop post-punk band hits it hard but with a gentle touch of guitar riffs and licks in this catchy song. It’s like a bus ride when all of the interesting faces makes things so much more enjoyable. The stories from all of the different marks and lines, tell all. Your energetic efforts to collect as much information from this man made paint setting, get you to a heavenly level of consciousness. HIGH FIVE DANGER’s single does that to us. Excitement, just enough effervescence, and just the radiation of joy, fills our minds when listening. That story full of stories await us all, to be sure. Let HFD guide you.

Sons Of New York – American Dream

Working man’s hard day’s work, gets harder and harder. And in ‘American Dream’ is SONS OF NEW YORK’s way of providing the words to what is apparent and obvious in this land of opportunities. The question to seek is whether “the dream is over”, and whether “is it still worth going for it when the prospects are short.” Families all around the country have the same questions in their mind, everyday, and every year. They do their best to survive, in the richest country in the world, as they squeak by check-to-check. With classic rock framing, ‘American Dream’ is that blue-collar anthem for a better collaborative effort for taking care of our neighbors. A request sentient and poignant, each and every political cycle. Will the struggle ever end?

Joanne Rand – Lay Down Your Burden

“In 1990. my life coach prescribed this ritual: make a tiny bundle, place it on the shore & watch as the waves carry it away.” JOANNE RAND, just like majority of us has a lot on her mind. And when all that burden comes crashing down, we can’t help but crash our internal system to smithereens. And as our emotions and common-sense become flotsam and jetsam in the river of life, we mutter as to how we can cope. Joanne’s advice in ‘Lay Down Your Burden’ is a beautifully sung anecdote for salvation, from within – a symbolic gesture for taking the first steps to wellness in yourself. As the foams of the tides take the offering out to sea, you can breathe again – so that you can thrive tomorrow. It’s a majestic thought. Something we’ll keep in mind.

Naz+ – Cove (feat. Ben Eunson)

Naz+ is a fabulous artist to consider, when adding to your shelf of jazzy blues-based rock instrumentalists. In the best tradition of guitar only albums and outputs, ‘Cove’ is as fleeting tenderness Eric Johnson, reliable assuredness of a Joe Satriani, and a fluid provocation of a Jeff Beck. The combination of Naz+ and Ben Eunson, keeps the clock of life ticking away to full and bright colors of enjoyment. “Very excited to share my first ever original track with everyone featuring an amazing guitar solo by the incredible Ben Eunson,” stated Naz+. And he should be proud, as the road to even more singles and share of his arrangements, should mean continued morsels of fun, for a long time coming.


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