REEMA Shares ‘Sunny Afternoon’. “Look Out. Get Ready.”

The beautiful voice is of REEMA. If this voice cannot touch you the it should, you’re not really human. The humanity in her voice is large as the largest mountains. The love in her voice is as grand as the milky way galaxy. Her attention for your shrinking emotions, will pump you up for the new horizons you’d never knew before.

The ethereal and just gorgeous work of REEMA in ‘Sunny Afternoon’ is the right amount of honey dripping goodness for your day.

Too much you might explode.

Into atoms.

That means we cannot be able to help you after that.

The Berlin, Germany raised artist (now in London) has a knack for just killing us with her words. Her way of communicating dissolves all concepts of notion; experimental, but fluidly main-stream – popular, with the tinge of musical genius that seeps in and out.

REEMA the performer is Sarah Reema Kaydar.

Look out.


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