Reema ‘Stargazing’ (Video) : Within that encapsulation, there is a sprout of positivity that shimmers.


Reema’s EP ‘Lioness’ explores themes from self-love, the power of kindness, the need to learn to grow from others’ greatness, and coping with loss and the need to look for true happiness. All of Reema’s music explores human emotions and mental wellbeing. And within that encapsulation, there is a sprout of positivity that shimmers through the Reema’s charming inflections and understatement.

Recorded live in her home in Berlin (with arrangements supplied by her close friend and bass clarinetist, Stefan Baumann) the desire to record the performances as a whole, rather than with cuts and edits, was an integral spearhead for this offering. The arrangements include bass clarinet, clarinet, flute, trumpet, trombone with a dusting of light percussion, on top of Reema’s electric guitar and beautiful vocals. Raw and impassioned, Reema never lost sight of bringing her perfection to the fore.

‘Lioness’ is out now.


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