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Rees Finley // Chorus Grant // Axling // Blitz//Berlin // The Lightness of Being

Rees Finley – I Belong Beside You

Super talented artist REES FINLEY has dropped his new album ‘A Tale Told By An Idiot’. The guitarist/singer/songwriter comes at us with effervescent lyrics and quick paced wit, within his songs. The Columbu Ohio originating artist singles ‘I Belong Beside You’ with an intent that is so very relate to all of us out there. Whether looking for a partner in life, a best friend, a companion, there’s always an reason for demanding that perfect ‘ally’ as we flow through life. It’s a positive tale about going after what seems right. It starts with personal gumption, doesn’t it? See Rees on his ‘Idiot Tour’ next in Nyack, New York on July 15th @ Art Cafe.

Chorus Grant – Give it a Name

CHORUS GRANT’s ‘Give It A Name’ is a song about ‘letting go and moving on’. Lifting of the weight off of your shoulders. How does that work? How can that be manifested? ‘Give It A Name’ is driven by a Spanish guitar and layers of sounds – both soft and soft-spoken. “Music and songwriting is my most trusted friend,” stated CHORUS GRANT. “It helps me to understand life and to talk about things that can’t be articulated in normal conversation. I have felt an urgency to write these songs that investigate a time where I was in a limbo, floating freely in the air between an old and a new life. My hope is that the new songs will resonate with others and serve as a mirror where people can unravel their own lives just as the songs have done for me.” CHORUS GRANT is the project of Kristian Finne and just like we’d stated about his body of work in our other feature, from top to bottom, his excellence in deliberate and galactic visions through his music is something to witness.

Axling – Ser dig

Joakim is the heart behind this project AXLING. The Sweden based indie-pop offering serves up the ‘good feels’ in his single ‘Ser Dig’. The infectious chords and traditional emphasis on anthemic search for a better world, comes to mind in this romantic of singles. ‘Ser Dig’ is AXLING’s debut single and it present straight contexts, enticed by shimmering melodies and lyrical exhibitions. Summer with AXLING? Yes. It’s a date.

Blitz//Berlin – Collider

Resistent to the norm, experimental electronic artists BLITZ/BERLIN offers the temptation called ‘There Will Be No Miracles Here’. Member Martin Macphail stated: “After a stressful and wonderful year of making almost entirely film music, our reprieve was working on this strange little project. Releasing it into the world feels like divulging some personal secret – both scary and freeing.” That’s a nice summary of what they do with the single ‘Collider’. The landscape is decked in suppositions when this single is pumping out of the speakers. The purposeful rhythms crash with decadence, as the song tries to communicate in terms that are none of this world. It’s a freeing feeling indeed. And ‘Collider’ is a mask that you need to pull off – to seek, to absorb.

The Lightness of Being – Stay

‘Stay’ is the newest single from London based band THE LIGHTNESS OF BEING. And it’s a powerful offering that is included int he upcoming 4th EP. From its core of atmospheric guitars and progressive aggression, the dark and heavy attributions of this delicious hard-rock fair cannot be ignored. Let the vibrant visions of crushing power riffs gain your hearts anthem, as the ghosts of the best in rock comes flooding back into your mind. Listen to the solo – strung together with the fascination to the craft of metal solos, it drives the nail, into the casket of what it feels to be alive.


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