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Refrigerator – Cardboard Death Elevator

‘Cardboard Death Elevator’ is: consistent, deep, sorrowful, complex, and minimal – all at the same time. Just as the gang (in Refrigerator) has been doing for many years, the song is a release that gets the ball rolling in the new album – setting the world in a universal diptych of frames.

The layering is warranted and welcomed.

The many touch points within the song are poignant. The naked electric guitar, with its many ‘imperfections’, dips and cravasses, integrally pushes the subject down into the rabbit hole.

It confuses. It clarifies. It ruins one’s thought on what solitude and ambitions, could and couldn’t be.

Allen Callaci’s vocals are perfect for the format. The narration, infuriatingly un-common and beautiful in ways.

The contrast and juxtaposition on this song is on the surface, and is very polarizing for the listener.

Refrigerator will release its eleventh full-length album, High Desert Lows, on February 9th via Shrimper/Revolver.

Produced by Omaha-based songwriter Simon Joyner, who also plays and sings on much of the record, it features all of the group’s original members (which include Shrimper Records founder Dennis Callaci and vocalist/author Allen Callaci.)

Refrigerator will celebrate the release of their new album with a performance at Pomona’s dA Center for the Arts on March 3rd, to coincide with an installation of 100 hand-drawn “imagined” cassette releases on Shrimper.

  • High Desert Lows
  • Cardboard Death Elevator
  • Save For Baltimore
  • World Of Warcraft
  • Break Up The Band
  • Twice As Less
  • Mission & Garey
  • Only You Will Do
  • The Maid
  • Bonnie Pointer
  • The Shelter Of Your Arms

They’re being released through Revolver USA.



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