Reino ‘In My Eyes’ : “Two people that are both not accepting each other in the relationship.”


Uniquely Reino, the band takes emo/indie and pop vernaculars of synth and gripping melodies, they pop up in your dreams of fun and influence with effervescent single ‘In My Eyes’.

‘In My Eyes’ is a very sincere song with a truthful message in the lyric,” said the band. “It’s about realising that you don’t actually love the person you are with in a relationship. Because when you look into their eyes, you are seeing somebody else. It’s about two people that are both not accepting each other in the relationship.”

“At the end of the song this tension resolves when a wall of vocals, in combination with pounding drums and a somewhat EDM inspired build up, all at once give you a pay off that is just incredibly satisfying.”

The gravity and anchor of the song converges to a fabulous ending: “When you give up something you are holding onto too much and when you finally move towards acceptance.”

Reino make a catchy cocktail with a punky attitude, sweet sounding synths, some romance and good bit of humor.

‘In My Eyes’ is another fabulous offering from a fabulous band, you should know.

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Surprise! We have a little extra lyric video for you πŸ˜„ Same eyes, but you can gaze at them a little bit longer so they are easier to spot. Hope we didn't forget anyone! If so, we are so sorry… πŸ‘€ These are the lyrics to In My Eyes! ENJOY! Thanks again everyone for sending the pictures.πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ» SONG CREDITS: Written & Performed by Reino: Erik Reino: Vocals & Guitars Sam Nieuwenhuijs: Synths & Backing Vocals Sven van der Meer: Drums Thomas Rikkers: Bass & Backing Vocals PRODUCTION CREDITS: Produced & Mixed by: Stijn Donders Mastered by: Peter Brussee VIDEO CREDITS: Camera by: Erik van Schoonhoven, Sam Nieuwenhuijs, Sven van der Meer, Stop motion-photography: Erik van Schoonhoven Edit by: Erik van Schoonhoven Special thanks to everyone sending us pictures of their eyes!

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