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RELATIVE WAYS Share ‘This World’. “Don’t Get Encased In The Doldrums Of The Day.”

Kick that bucket down the road. You’re 10, but you feel 30. The responsibilities are tremendously daunting. It’s just your head that is not able to cope.

Now you’re 30, and want to be 10 again.

Kick that bucket up the ramp, to the desired height of life. Don’t get encased in the doldrums of the day.

Your girlfriend, asks you “What are you thinking about, John?”

“Oh nothing. Just something very uninteresting. Come on, let’s go.”

That glowing bucket, green with envy, watches you,



Turning red.

Now you’re 30, let’s live for the moment where you stand.

Don’t kick the bucket in reverse.

Mat Finnemore is RELATIVE WAYS and in this single ‘This World’, he stands tall and sees the horizon, of his making. Far off into the distance, his expectations, compared to the ‘now’ is mixing with sweat and tears, and hopefully with results down the line.

The interesting garage-rock-grunge-ish piece is dark in its sentiments, and sometimes we all like some ‘darkness’ don’t we?




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