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In celebration of two album releases, aBIRD’s ‘Hard Times Before Two Dimensions’ and RUBY BONES’ 3 track EP ‘Laser’, on December 5th, the bands’ label Mint400 provided some fabulous music at one of Jersey City’s center for indie band entertainment, Petshop. The gang in PIONEER THE EEL joined the fun to gather together and “do some music”.

All started promptly with PIONEER THE EEL. A band that has been kicking butt up and down in their tours, in and out of New Jersey, their 2017 self-titled release, having been well received for its melodies and hard-up folk based rock tunes. The band is an aesthetic and practical statement against traditional band set-ups, for there are no cymbals, no bass guitar to speak of. But as they profess – and show in action – plenty of reverb, speed, cresting peaks, and anointing valleys within their songs. The talented instrumentalists compliment each other with on-stage antics, froth with magistrate conviction and driving emphasis on en-mass assault to convention.

PTE is made up of guitarists Craig Monaco and Victor Fernandes, and drummer Wayne Green. On this night each brought their humor and songwriting acumen, with Green bringing some Ziggy Stardust slash Marilyn Manson on-stage costume to ‘brilliant up the joint’. His impassioned drumming, of consistent barbs on the cymbal-less drum kit, helping to frame the sometimes folk-rock guitar works of Monaco and Fernandes. They kicked the dust off of the evening with fantastic flare.

RUBY BONES is a convulsing post-punk attitude of a band that is made up of trio, singer-songwriter Chris Fox, drummer James Janocha, and bassist FC Spies. They bring the ultra 90’s grunge rhythmic intuitions in their songs, with the velocity that is impending on reckless abandon, at times. Indie rockers as they are, they mused with choruses and brings forth punchy singles that produce the body shaking sweat that their fans seemed to love this night.

Their new EP is a 3 song offering and is in some ways inherently different from their 2017 self-titled album. ‘Laser’ takes on a more lighter and less brooding indie folk/rock direction. The extraction of side distractions is evident in the new EP, which adds a different dimension to the works of the trident core of the band. But all said and done, new EP can’t stay away from the fundamental DNA make-up of hard driving and fast strumming tactics of the band. The EP tries mightily to contain the eminent explosion of aggression. Will the next EP be that bridge? We’ll have to find out.

Adam Bird is aBIRD. The quintessential musician of one human face, but many different musical faces. And the talented multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter, drawing from his artistic premonitions, wrote his newest album ‘Hard Times Before Two Dimensions’. We’d featured his music video for the single ‘A Cool Island Song’ which invokes that cool 80’s breezes we dream of in our fantasies. ‘Pop’ is much more thickly woven into the songs of the new album, where it continues the fabulous songwriting of Adam. His frequent collaborator, Nick Ivory, manned the keys and effects during this night, and as consistent as can be, the duo tore up the joint, with the kind of rapturous heaves on that we have come to love about an aBIRD performance. The energy that he brings is as palpable as any can be.

Adam will be a household name sooner than later. A former THOSE MOCKINGBIRDS vet, it is apparent where exactly he wants to go with his new musical persona. As we see his direction, we see an ever brighter following and musical success for aBIRD. On stage and on his studio recordings, the one consistency of aBIRD is a ‘joie de vivre’ and driving force that can be felt. He’s on his way, and then some.

As the evening came to a close, as always, the bands parted ways and congratulated each other once more on the evening’s victory. And as the last celebratory balloons were popped, the drinking started and some smiles and relaxed fun continued the night’s fun vibe.

We congratulate all the bands for their milestones.

Let’s meet again.

Hard Times Before Two Dimensions




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