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Religious Life // Parlors // Devon Welsh // Black Adidas // Good Grief

Religious Life – Work Of Art

RELIGIOUS LIFE is cloistered from our full view, but he is art. A sonic layer of artistic fervor. A mistaken tornado of undertone hues, pastel at times, groove in another dimension. And with RELIGIOUS LIFE’s single ‘Work of Art’ turns with a contemporary flavor, that is dripped in the darkest of your inner secrets. The contrast and relationship between pop and alt-pop sensibilities make RELIGIOUS LIFE’s singles unique and accessible. Religious Life often samples his own synth, drums, vocals to warp and retexture them) is an attempt to make whatever is appealing in these palettes new again.

Parlors – Lemon Ice (ft. Brendan Fletcher)

PARLORS latest ‘Lemon Ice’ is inspired by Hunter S. Thompson’s ‘The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved’. Summertime riffs make up the rockin’ tune of ‘Lemon Ice’. The story is of being ‘wrapped up in the rush to get to the beach every day’. This single is the first of 3 singles PARLORS will release this year. The New York City based band, keeps it pliable and very prog in this rendition. The sonically infectious, with the notable vocal harmonies, the vibe of 70’s radio rock combined with contemplative modern aesthetics, builds the foundation of the single to a final climax. PARLORS is songwriters Matt Fullam (lead vocals, guitar) and his younger brother Dan (drums). The duo bring in Hart Mechlin and Matt DaSilva to complete the band’s lineup.

Devon Welsh – Faces

“I feel that there’s a bittersweetness to life,” Welsh stated, describing this meditation on love and mortality. “There’s suffering and we know it has to end, but there’s so much tenderness in it nonetheless…Love in every sense has complications, often feels impossible or unreachable, and so many things can get in its way,” says Welsh. “Music has been a great way for me to try to understand that as best as I can.” Poetic and luscious in its introduction, the follow through of ‘Faces’ is a dictation for a scribe, where the mission is for, forgiveness in the intrinsically forward thinking prospects. A sultry divide of light and gray is in every fold of DEVON WELSH and for a moment you just want to stay for a while.

Black Adidas – Be Cool

New single ‘Be Cool’ is the ‘ease of losing yourself at a really good show’. So innocent, so pure, if you think about it. Punk is exactly that. It’s enjoyment at the most basic and visceral course of your moment and life. And of course at the same time you’ll have to look as cool as you can. But if you’re genuinely enjoying the thing you’re doing, you look and vibe coolness, automatically! That’s the goodness that vibrates throughout. BLACK ADIDAS’ rich chords and rampaging vocals, is a head moshing good time. From the first to the last chord, you know exactly where you’re at. You’re with BLACK ADIDAS, and you’re not going home until 3 in the morning.

Good Grief – Pave the Way

In the year of 2018, a nuclear fusion formed in the core of a band named GOOD GRIEF. Hamilton Ontario exploded with sound, and nothing was the same again. Their debut EP ‘Ouside The Off Licence’ droped in June of this year and that fusion we mentioned, went mental. Raucous, driven, punk, rock – all the stuff that you and we love dearly. ‘Pave The Way’ is that gateway drug of sonic experience that is ‘warming’ and ‘affectionate’. Well, as ‘warming’ and ‘affectionate’ as cold steel to your tongue, that is. But don’t worry. That parking space you passed by on a Saturday afternoon at the local mall will still bet there. That girl you thought was cute will still be there at the fountain, for you to get to your senses to go speak to her. And don’t worry your work at the office will get better and better as you get to know your co-workers. Just kidding. It’s too late. So, listen to GOOD GRIEF and just mosh a bit. Get it out of your system, will ya?!


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