Remember Sports Shares Official Music Video for Single ‘Pull Through’.

Getting beat up isn’t a good thing, generally. There are certain circumstances when we do get beat up, and is deserved. Particularly when we’re in a relationship and (most of the time) guys just do dumb things. Then get caught by the significant other. Then get lambasted and skewered. Justifiably, we agree. But yes, get ‘pummeled’. Most of the time it’s all verbal, and our significant other cares for us and won’t depict punishments in physical manifestations (thank goodness).

This time around, the Phili band shares with us the video for the single ‘Pull Through’, off of their full length LP ‘Slow Buzz’ (drops May 18).

Sentiments are a dime a dozen. But when there’s real friendship and kinship with the ones you care about and love, it fuels everything going forward. And the fueling of for the future prospects, incidents, situations, heartaches, and triumphs – make the segments of life, rewarding and unforgettable sometimes.

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Track Listing
1. Otherwise
2. Up From Below
3. You Can Have Alonetime When You’re Dead
4. Dripping
5. Calling Out
6. Nothing’s Coming Out
7. The 1 Bad Man
8. Temporary Tattoo
9. Pull Through
10. No Going Back
11. Making It Right
12. Unwell

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