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Remember Sports shares single ‘Up From Below’ (Official Audio) off of new album ‘Slow Buzz’.

Getting beat up isn’t a good thing, generally. There are certain circumstances when we do get beat up, and is deserved. Particularly when we’re in a relationship and (most of the time) guys just do dumb things. Then get caught by the significant other. Then get lambasted and skewered. Justifiably, we agree. But yes, get ‘pummeled’. Most of the time it’s all verbal, and our significant other cares for us and won’t depict punishments in physical manifestations (thank goodness).

Why do we mention this? Because if feels like we were ‘skewered’ and ‘justifiably’ reprimanded in ‘Up From Below’. The new single from ‘Remember Sports’, it is a whipping on the back, leaving red marks, which stings and leaves no mark.

And we loved it.

Rapid, quick witted, diabolical, and rockin’ – the song just spoke to us, with the band showing us, who’s boss.

Yes. We feel we got decimated.


Remember, we’re just articulating what we feel when listening to this song. It’s not like we like that kind of foreplay, or anything like that. We’re not THAT kinky.


Anywho, listen and love the song.

We dig it, lots.



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