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Remembering: April 10th, HAGS Comedy Show Asbury Park. Have Some Laughs! Have Some Drinks! Check.

Grisel Cabrera © comeherefloyd 2018

There’s always joy in a stand up (or any live session, TBH). There’s joy in the music, the jokes, the performance, the characters, the fans, and the general atmosphere we all love to hug. And that’s what happened in this edition of HAGS Comedy Show that takes place at the famous The Saint, in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

The Saint is that corner bar in Asbury Park that is hallowed in decades of music, punk, live session, and a part of the community that helps to excel and highlight great acts.

And within this entertainment history rich setting, the near 2 year old (anniversary in July) HAGS Comedy Show calls The Saint home, and has been pulling successfully some great talents to visit and entertain the loyal crowds.

Joe McAndrew and JC Hendricks started this little thing called HAGS, and has been a fabulous addition. And according to Scott Stamper, the owner of The Saint: “The show (HAGS) has been doing great. Like any show, there are fluctuations (but)… has been bringing in good crowds. They’d been loving it!”

For sure. Consistency is a big factor for shows to succeed. And the duo producers think that they trying different recipes for the kinds of crowds they’d want, collaborating with different talents, combining with up and coming bands, help in the matter.

“We’re here to have fun and give the people coming in the door a good setting for entertainment,” said co-producer and stand-up JC Hendricks. “The goal is to keep trying to do our best with the show; then we’re sure fans will notice.”

Joe McAndrew stand-up comedian & co-producer of HAGS added, “Yea, we’re nearly 2 years old. But it seems we’ve come a good way from when we started. The crowd seems to love coming to our shows and enjoying the time they spend with us.”

© comeherefloyd 2018

The evening started with the opening act of Young Puzzle. A band that was ‘debuting’ their first live show, this night. They are a shoe-gaze, indie-pop, lo-fi band and to our CHF ears, had a great sound with high potentials. The set was several songs long, but had the kind of zip and acumen. We were certainly impressed. The sky’s the limit for the band. Let’s see how their careers blossom. We could see them signing with a label, very soon. The band consists of: Justin Lombardo (Guitar/Vocals), Alexander Iannone (Guitar/Vocals), Rob Spinelli (Bass), Dave Greiff (Drums/Percussion).

© comeherefloyd 2018

The comic line up included some great comics: KP Burke, Grisel Cabrera, Taj Osorio, Ryan Barry, Alyssa Stevensono, Jordan Manglona, Emmy Crowne, and KL Martin.

KP Burke:
With a face any criminal would hate, the self ascribed “cop look-alike” comic was on fire. Having his portions with the trouncing of social norms, human habits, and sometimes finality of mistakes and misfortunes, he puts things ‘right’ aspects of the jaunting life on this earth. Kudos.

Grisel Cabrera:
The highly energetic comic came to the stage, identifying herself as the wife of a Frenchman. And that she was very much into her man. And pointed out that at her age, looks do matter, but not as much as what ‘kitchen moldings’ can be finished by the man of her dreams. Practical, observant, and many times, we regular folks think about everyday. Oh, and her vagina can sometimes look like a robbery criminal in panty-hose. FYI.

Taj Osorio:
Taj has a very harsh kind of joke. Grating, awkward, and they often times puts one in the spot. This night was the bassist for the opening band Young Puzzle. The yarn the band member described to a question Taj had posed, became exposed in couple of minutes, that it was all a ruse, after all. And that wasn’t really a good thing to do to a comic. Taj pounced on that, and some grilling was on. All in fun, but was cool, either way.

Ryan Barry:
Ryan, we think, was Ryan. He was what he was. He would do what he’d like. He was a presence on the stage with highly energetic attitude, which the crowd wanted to like, and did. The jokes were quick, observant, and were of the times. And TBH, Ryan looks like a real funny guy to hang and have a great time, no matter the party. Kudos.

Alyssa Stevensono:
Alyssa is a comic whose style is of ‘stutter steps & awkward pauses’. And she certainly delivered on that, with her dead pan delivery and facial expressions. Pronouncements of where her bodily parts were, and why they should be doing those weird things, with such pauses, are a good recipe for smiles.

Jordan Manglona:
This cat is something odd. He’s a comic who handles some bits with external items. And this night he’d brought a midi electronic equipment that served some awesome auto-tuning. And he used this to propose some atmosphere by subverting the air with some house music, then explanation of his jokes though the auto tuning mechanism, highlighting the ridiculousness of the premises with awkward pauses. Things really leveled to another plateau, when his shirt came off, revealing some good sized areolas.

Emmy Crowne:
Emmy is like the friend that we’d love to get to the bar and have some shots with. Then she brings the fire to the jokes, where we get burned. And in her deliveries that night, the edges were sharp, with her trident, wicked us for a moment into her world of observations and contorted outlooks of the world. LOL. Good stuff.

KL Martin:
We think KL has a thing about his height. He says so in his bits, but we, at regular size, would have love to be his height. Basketball, football – anything that needs height as a major component. Imagining ourselves as tall as KL, gave us shivers. Look, the former FBI Director, James Comey, is like 7 feet tall, so, you know, could be useful. Just sayin’. Oh, KL says the height thing got in the way when he was growing up, but we think it was very beneficial, more than not. LOL.

The night was fun. The people were friendly. The drinks were cold (cliche?).

In any case, we at CHF is very happy we are one of the sponsors of HAGS. The duo producers, Joe and JC, are fab guys and looking to do more and more with the combination of partners.

You should dig it. We sure do.

The next HAGS event is coming April 19th, and of course @ The Saint.

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