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Reminders // Jaguar Jonze // Aunty Social // Rollingchild // Arcadial

Reminders – Picturesque

Vocalist/guitarist Leo Dyke commented: “I spend a lot of my time reminiscing and romanticising the past, and this song tackles the more self-aware side of my writing. This is about me doing that, but being totally aware of it. It’s got a poppier edge for sure, which is what we are all about. All of our favourite bands write the poppiest of melodies disguised with distorted guitars and played super-fast. We’re now all super excited to get it out into the world.” The band is completed with bandmates Theo Afsarian (bass) and Harry Spencer (drums), which also completes the way the band sounds. And in its effervescent indie-rock emo-vibe nature, kicks it into gear and just gets you dancin’. Odd, lively timing in ‘Picturesque’ makes it non-conforming and exciting to your senses. See this fun band in their next live date in on September 22nd in Leeds, Oporto.

Jaguar Jonze – Beijing Baby

Art is what JAGUAR JONZE is all about. Deena Lynch is the woman behind this tri-fecta of artistic expressions. This musical project is part of illustration project Spectator Jonze, and photography project Dusky Jonze. Impressive indeed. And as you pull up your jaw for expectations, Deena’s sultry vocals makes this alt-pop delight a vision for indie-rock virulent ecstasy, which is a perfect fit for our nowness. Deena shares the ethereal-pop track ‘Beijing Baby’, a melancholic single woven and never underestimated. Deena stated: “Everything I do stems from the need for dialogue – Jaguar being an internal dialogue with my subconscious, Spectator being an external dialogue with others on mental health and the mind and Dusky being a dialogue with the body.”

Aunty Social – Traveling Circus

AUNTY SOCIAL is the project of Daniela Gitto. And in the latest single from the 24 year old bedroom pop artist, you get the feeling that you are in for a treat. For her prior single ‘Trying’, she dug “into her religious upbringing, leaving the church, and at the same time, dealing with the new questions of not being associated, any longer, with the life she knew.” For ‘Traveling’ she delves deep into own insecurities and social anxieties: “The only way I could accurately depict social anxiety is by singing through stream of consciousness. I needed to show how illogical and self-hating these thoughts can be. The paradox is that the struggle is all internal and the outward effects can come off as obnoxious, overly-excited, weird etc, which brings more ammunition for the self-hatred. I call it my social overcompensation. Speaking too loudly to show enthusiasm, bulging my eyes too much to show an expression of interest, chugging my drink quicker to calm my scattered thoughts, unknowingly talking over someone because I don’t want the conversation to dwindle. I can go on, but This song is written for those who suffer silently, like myself.” Daniela is even more talented than she thinks. Dang talented, indeed.

Rollingchild – My Money (Grows on Trees)

Michael Anthony Bostinto, is ROLLINGCHILD. And the Atlanta based producer/songwriter/recording artist combines musical elements of 90’s hip hop with the tonal swagger of the 1960s. “My Money (Grows On Trees)”, loosely accounts his time in California and his cannabis business ventures. Its accompanying music video reveals the manifestation of such efforts as Michael quite literally spreads his wealth to anyone and everyone in sight. The single, along with his upcoming album ‘Post Party Depression’, was produced by Randy Michael, who also had a hand in crafting Mattiel’s critically acclaimed Satis Factory.

Arcadial – Limpdick Voodoo

Off of their fascinating EP ‘Pandorium’, the duo of ARCADIAL makes music fun, again. The experimental indie-rock incantation, flow like the river of your former self. The radiating rationality drips to a wax halt as the temperatures of desire and ambitions, cross into malice. In ‘Limpdick Voodoo’ incessence comes to ultimate fruition, when worlds collide. Worlds collide with piano and drums, setting the pallet of Universality and grandeur. Witnessed by the upper crust vocals entity, liberatingly soothing and invigoratingly pen-ultimate. Statement from the band: “Just as many other famous musicians have in the past, Arcadial formed less than a month after the band members completed their chemical engineering degrees. So, laden with accumulating student loan debt, Arcadial decided to make the excellent financial decision of moving to Central London without jobs – to pursue a lucrative career in music.” Self-produced EP ‘Pandorium’ is available now. See this dynamic band up front and too closely at The Beehive – Bow, in Newham, UK September 20th. We wonder if they know how talented they really are? They’re a trip and profound in the best way.


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