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Remington super 60 Shares ‘Fake Crush’. “Let’s get in. It’s warm and cozy.”

New single ‘Fake Crush’, from Norway’s Remington super 60’s, makes its way into your fantasies and builds a fascinatingly crystalline palace for pleasure and emotional remittance. Included in the upcoming 6 track EP (January 24th 2020), the single zigs with a palpitatingly succulent vibe, zagging from end of this part of the heart to the next.

It’s a sultry derivative and descriptive, trip about a self anointed past and instructive tact for a possible future.

Formed by producer & songwriter Christoffer Schou in 1998, the project formulated with different members, as the whims of the songs and concepts, flowed in and out of the overall consciousness. The band has had different members over the years (Magnus Abelsen, Benedicte Sveinsson, Elisabeth Thorsen among others), with many releases with various indie labels around the world.

‘Fake Crush’ is a story within a malaise of decadence, tribal inheritance – where demeaning raptures of the heart, burst in conjunctive heaves – billowing within a dynamic wafts of heroism. It is a somber exterior-ed single, it’s a happy and mystic array of notes, sung beautifully by the vocals, to boot.

Said Christoffer: “The sound has gone back and forward but always been inspired by Christo er’s musical heroes Burt Bacharach, Brian Wilson, Velvet Underground as well as newer bands such as Stereolab, High Llamas, Cornelius, and Yo La Tengo & Eggstone.”

Let’s get in.

It’s warm and cozy.



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