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Ren Shares ‘Willow’. “Take notice. That’s what you do with this beautiful construction.”

Take notice. That’s what you do with Ren’s beautifully constructed single ‘Willow’. From the acoustic guitar and the cello strings, Ren’s vocals hum with the irreverence of the coming seasons of the most personal and beckoning.

Said Ren (Conor Owen): “Written after a trip to visit friends and family in Ireland, I woke one morning to after having a dream about an ex girlfriend. I wrote ‘Willow’ that day and the song for me represents the ebb and flow or the cyclical nature of love.”

“I didn’t intend to record the song on a nylon string guitar but a few days before I was due to go to the studio I was over the road at my local charity shop and I broke a guitar that I was messing around with! I had to buy the guitar and repair it myself but it was the best £30 I’ve spent and I can’t imagine the song with out it.”

Inspired by some of the very best folk and singer songwriters like John Martyn, Dick Gaughan, James Taylor, The Staves and Foy Vance, Ren delivers with folk gumption. The loves that have gone, and the loves that will be, dictate the expectancies of a life that is full of heart and admiration of the horizon to bloom.

Your heart yearns with delight, as ‘Willow’ plays, in the realm of contentment and gorgeous confidence.



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