Renatasya x David Heavens x Juhan Ongbrian ‘If Only’ : Excellence in song and expression, brings all of the right moves and depth.


“‘If Only’ is a song about leaving behind a toxic relationship and turning over a new leaf.”

Renatasya shares her story about her past lover, her dreams, and her passion for music in this song. Being in a toxic relationship, having the courage to leave and move on, she picked up her diary and decided to write a song.

‘If Only’ is Renatasya’s debut Single, and its featuring of a Los Angeles rapper David Heavens and Juhan Ongbrian as producer / guitarist, has delivered on a song that hits all that is wanted in a pop single. Melancholic, subtle, longing, divine – the team drapes you in r&b pop vision that soaks in like the first ever love you’d had.

Renatasya’s excellence in song and expression, brings all of the right moves and depth.

Looking forward to more, indeed.

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