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Rene Lopez – Borough Girl

“I went back to the studio, locked the door, and got back to what I loved,” RENE LOPEZ the New York-based singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist recalls. “I still feel like a kid, new ideas keep pouring out and I feel like I have an open palette to work with.” Rene returns to us with this traditional-pop/easy-listening gem of a tune, that invigorates the senses, flooded with 60’s nostalgia and glamor. Reminders of Englebert Humperdinck, Neil Diamond, and Jonny Mathis, ‘Borough Girl’ with charm and wit, caters to the child in our hearts, aflutter with music, love, and of a brighter future. Rene has always dipped his talents in all sorts of genres, from funk, hip- hop, rock, jazz, EDM, and pop to really create artistic languages we all could appreciate. Kudos, one and all.

Stephen Day – If You Were the Rain

STEPHEN DAY’s ‘If You Were The Rain’ continues his deluge of feelings and personal journeys of the heart. In this live performance, his soulful vocals and story telling, gets to the best of all of us. With energy and expertise as reminiscent of many contemporaries, but especially of Jeff Buckley, the Georgia native brings on the heat in dynamics and affectionate triumphs from his lyrical campaigns. Witness.

davidxrussell – Mountain Momma (feat. Loretta Lynn)

Can’t get enough of davidxrussell? We think so. We keep on featuring this fabulously versatile artist. In this country-rock ensemble, the artist gets us doing the two step, listening to ‘Mountain Momma’ – a testament to the talents of this fabulous artisan of sound. David is a sound engineer / songwriter and the single is off of his latest album ‘It’s All For Her’. It’s out now for your pleasure.

Boo Ray – A Tune You Can Whistle

Rollin’ down the road of no return? Heck. Aren’t we all? BOO RAY takes it to the next step with familiar and unforgettable diddy about what you really want to do in this world of ours. You do know it starts with your first step, right? BOO RAY wants us to get to know what’s real again. Connecting ‘deeply’ and in a ‘meaningful level’ is what he’s all about in this fabulous alt-country guitar slicing song. And yep, there’s slide guitar in there too. Oh yea. BR explores the “nitty-gritty, guts and ugly parts of the human experience today.” Like some bacon with that attitude? You come to the right place.

NONN – Clear

Following the release of NONN’s 2017 debut self-titled LP, ‘Clear’ comes at the right time, when we as a society needs the kind of dark-noir visage NONN presents our senses. The driving guitar notes, pierce through the blizzard of haphazards, rocking and vying for leadership in the cold, unrelenting reality. The new wave industrial tinge, raptures in constant acknowledgement, pulsating and guiding you to greatness. Your personal greatness. NONN consists of Sweden based Christian Eldefors, Hannes Nyling, and Alexander Eldefors.


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