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René Obe Shares ‘Still Stranger’. “What Will Be Our Demise? Reward?

The meter on the odometer was ticking and rattling as we set on our journey down the grey road. The meter was encased in a metal and glass seal, with a crack on the surface. The rattling came from the bubbling exhaust of the motor-bike it resided on. The meter gauge always had a hard time staying true, and we knew that. Our journey was a daunting one, and it was the encapsulation of a long struggle with addition to the lowest form of excitement.

Into our 4 hour journey from here to no-where, the foggy haze of the dust cloud settled on our faces like an elephant’s weight. And through it all, our meter was still ticking and rattling, as we moved forward.

When it’s time for the end of the road, where should we settle?

What will be our demise?

What will be our reward?

RENE OBE is an expressionist instrumentalist living and producing in Belgium. His single ‘Still Stranger’ is an obligatory and sardonic look into the looking-glass of mentioned thoughts and imaginations.

Off of the ‘We’ll become shadows’ 8 track LP, ‘Still Stranger’ gives a fascinating view of the cliff that exists at the end of that winding broadway.



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