Reno Royale ‘Be Like Them’ : Gorgeous harmonies, that pull at your inner most. We all can do this.

Reno Royale

When that inner good of yours, want to reveal for the world to see, a song by Reno Royale is an antidote that you’d been looking for.

In a world where things just don’t go the way you’d like, a temporary band-aid for your heartaches, just becomes a routine for the aches and pains. Your walks down the road during this little time that we have, just doesn’t seem fair at times. The scar seems to thicken and never seem to be relenting.

You cry. Even if silently.

But one day, you will wake up and the sun will rise again. That sun will warm you to the touch. And in that moment of comfort, you will realize again that being you, will be more than enough.

Value and worth. Never underestimate.

You’d never been asked if you’d wanted to be here. But you are.

So, let’s make good.

‘Be Like Them’ is a gorgeous single of epic levels of vibrance and expansive admiration. There is no getting around the empathetic sureness of the beautifully constructed chorus. From there on, your heart fills with comforting care, where there might have been only empty space. The energies of emotions, are simply amplified to glory through the unadulterated vision of the song.


This band of so much harmony is made good by talents: Taylor Rigg, Jacob Sommerio, Azaryah Baggott and Mike Breitenbach.


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