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Renshaw Davies Shares With Us Brand New Music Video For Their Single ‘If I Can’t Have You’.

With just enough of a taste for jangly guitar licks, on top of some classic synth bass background, the story of ‘If I Can’t Have You’ (the song) was almost complete. It just needed a music video to encapsulate – nay – highlight further the love and love lost, feelings of what has or couldn’t have happened.

And now here we are.

“If I Can’t Have You” from Renshaw Davies’ “The Heat” EP and is a fabulous ‘touchy-feely’ progressive tune, delicately presented by the duo of John Renshaw and Emily Davies. No, ‘Renshaw Davies’ is not your downtown law firm, but a girl and a boy, who loves their craft and makes rhythmic surges in the ‘feels’ department.

Oh yea, that’s right.

The ‘feels’.

It’s that tickling feeling you feel when, you know you are destined to (fill in this space).

Yep. That ‘feels’.

Confidence brews, and other Universal questions apply.

It’s a good thing.



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