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Rep. Daryl Metcalfe overreacts and grandstands during committee meeting.

We’re sure Chairman Matt Bradford was ‘into’ Rep. Metcalfe. The probability is that Metcalfe was being kind about how attractive and magnetic he is to the opposite or same sex.

But that wasn’t what he was doing. He seemed to be grandstanding in a heated meeting, against Bradford, a married man with four children.

Metcalfe’s comments, captured on video, came after the committee’s ranking Democrat, Rep. Matt Bradford of Montgomery County, was trying to make a point about a bill having to do with land use and, for a split second, put his hand on Metcalfe’s left forearm. The two were seated side by side at a conference table.

“Representative Bradford,” said Metcalfe, interrupting Bradford in mid-sentence. “Look, I’m a heterosexual. I have a wife, I love my wife. I don’t like men, as you might. But stop touching me all the time.”

CBS Philadelphia
“Enough is enough. Daryl Metcalfe is a walking, talking embarrassment to Pennsylvanians and doesn’t deserve the honor of serving in public office,” said Brandon Cwalina, spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.

NBC Philadelphia
“Yesterday’s rant by Mr. Metcalfe was stunning and then degenerated into something far more appalling,” Bradford said in an email to NBC10. “Mr. Metcalfe has a long history of extreme behavior and anti-gay rhetoric. Sadly, this is not the first time Mr. Metcalfe has demonstrated such animus. Yesterday was merely a new low in the State Government Committee triggered by a rather innocuous attempt to extend debate on an otherwise non-controversial piece of legislation.”


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