REPAIRS ‘Pop Song’ : “Just wanted to write a pop song….” But you know, sometimes, it’s better to write something else, no?


Auckland post-punk trio REPAIRS release ‘Pop Song’, their third single of 2020 and opening track from their upcoming debut album, ‘Repeat, Repeat’ (September 18th).

A dark and anxious admission of imposter syndrome, the track kicks off with discordant synth and a rumbling bassline, before an outro of gang vocals simply acknowledges what so many of us wish we could do – to be able to just write a pop song.

But there’s better things to do. Perhaps, writing rock songs??

Heck yes. And we think we got the slightly tongue-in-cheek goodness of ‘Pop Song’ – serious, but fun at the same time. And if you can’t smile with the cards you’re dealt, than you’re not progressing, right??

The REPAIRS push forth, yo.


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