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Repenter Shares ‘Skeletons’. “Beauty in alt-rock goodness.”

Holly Winter & Thomas Scriven are a duo made in the darkest corner of rock heaven. The fiery convictions flow like the rhythms of a Queen of time and space. With it, along comes songs that are of caliber that just needs more and more attention.

‘Skeletons’ is the latest from the band and the the Los Angeles duo was able to slack off the fringes of ol’ school such rock, and polishes it with alternative gumption and an energy amplifying, lyrically stimulating kick-ass extravaganza of a tune. Their debut song was ‘So Sick’, and we became ‘queazy’ with excitement and urgent happiness.

Off of the upcoming EP, the follow up single ‘Skeletons’ is a grungy pit of fire from vocalist Holly and guitarist Thomas, where nothing’s really in the way of creativity.

Expression is key to offering top level vocals for audiences. It’s what sticks and remains with the listener.

Heavy and unrelenting, ‘Skeletons’ offers such beauty in alt-rock goodness, with unhindered excuse to just enjoy.

“We wrote Skeletons around a rhythm,” said Holly of ‘Skeletons’. “That one warm and steady tempo that kept our subconscious swaying and locked in to a peaceful bpm, ocean wave hypnosis. These lyrics are a deeply personal conversation.”


See them next @ Troubadour in West Hollywood, November 27th.



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