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Repenter Shares ‘So Sick’. “Don’t get absorbed. Look in the mirror.”

REPENTER dropped their debut single ‘So Sick’. Off of the upcoming EP due out coming Autumn, the duo of vocalist Holly Winter and guitarist Thomas Scriven, makes hard-rock delicious as it can be.

‘So Sick’ is a triumphant vibe back to days of Ozzy Osbourne, Lita Ford, and Joan Jett, but with the modern kick of the new attitude of REPENTER.

The Los Angeles duo was able to slack off the fringes of ol’ school such rock, and polishes it with alternative gumption and an energy amplifying, lyrically stimulating kick-ass extravaganza of a tune.

Holly stated: “I just want you to know I ain’t mad at ya, but I ain’t a fan of ya…you’re just so sick with yourself, you don’t need my help.”

Less is certainly more. At least in this scheme of things.

Holly continued: “I was writing for myself and anyone else that needs heartburn relief from overexposure to today’s social media shitshow grab bag.”

It’ll be hard for her to be your fan.

But we think you should be of her’s, and of REPENTER.

Trust us.



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