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Replicåh // Myylo // Daniella Mason // Closed Doors // Jonathan Tilkin

Replicåh – Kinetic Love

The more you (or us) listen to the works of Replicåh from Switzerland, the more it is likely that we’ll be swept up by their glory. Ethereal, future perfect, synth central, but never forgets the care and affection of their subject matter – whatever they are. The experimental-slash-post/future-pop sentimentalities of the band is exquisite. Especially in ‘Kinetic Love’ visuals and sonic experience. As they put it: “Manufactured in the future year 2084, as Post-Human. A hybrid of human, art and technology,
REPLICÅH travels the time to spread its message and art, to save the world and the rest of mankind.” Replicåh can be what you deem of her. She will make you howl, on your knees.

Myylo – Lack of You

MYYLO grew up in California, grew up singing since his early days. His dream is for pop greatness. He wants to tell his stories that are just under his skin, bubbling, turning, burgeoning with each nights’ sleep. And in ‘Lack Of You’, his feelings of that exact angst for the excitement he can taste, oozes into textures, grappling heartaches, desires, disappointments, and striven successes. It’s the ultimate struggle. It’s MYYLO’s ultimate emotional war. It continues, for our benefit, through his songs.

Daniella Mason – Morning Mourning

DANIELLA MASON’s music making skills can fit in any Universe and it will evoke the right tempo in emotional embarkments. Long or short, in how deep the journey can be, Daniella’s sense for unique swaying in fabulous rhythms and deliciously chanting harmonies, distinguish the artist from many. Within her newest EP ‘Emotional State’ she explores the gammots of pitched edges of personal indignations, contrasting against the best morals of what it is to be an existing human in this world. The universal message appeals to our notions. Through all the struggles, Daniella, wants us all to get back up and try, try again. Let’s work. She’s up for the challenge. Are you?

Closed Doors – Home

Shivan and Julian make up this tag team of introspection named CLOSED DOORS. The Nordic connection makes them link from a geographic context, where Shivan’s Norwegian/Iraqi family descent and Julian’s Norwegian/Filipino DNA makeup, only strengthens their resolve and starts from a ground of swelling talent. In ‘Home’, the depict and dissect the cross sections of lives and tales, ultimately combining and intertwining in finalizing a tapestry of textures for us to dwell. Their road to new heights, continue, in and outside of Bergen.

Jonathan Tilkin – Say Yes

JONATHAN TILKIN is originally from Florida, and he wants you to fall in love with him. Literally? Maybe. But more from a sense of effect and what he produces in his music. And his music, gets you upbeat, and, to say the least, sets your emotions for the rollercoaster ride that relationships can bring. ‘Say Yes’ is the beckoning promise of how the future will be, together, walking hand in hand tot he new and exciting horizon. We think the answer was ‘yes’.


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