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Reptaliens – 666Bus

Reptaliens’ 666Bus is sooooo “Reptaliens”. What we mean by that? We mean that Reptaliens represents to us at CHF, what north-west music, symbolically, should be. But they defy the conventions, brings the big guns in soft melodic tones and colors to the absolutely long buffet table. It’s a good thing.

And with 666Bus, they do it fab with undeterred head-bobbing chords and licks, which makes one think, why weren’t they reviewed before by CHF?

But nay, my good reader, nay.

We have been a fan of the group since we got wind of their subsequent song “If You Want”. It’s not ground breaking scoop on the band by us (for they’d been in the radar with other reviewers long before), but we think our little enthusiasm added to the pot.

“If You Want” takes the band and it sits in a colorful and fast paced grammar school class room – lots of desks, notebooks, talking, and pre-teen fabulousness. In “666Bus”, it’s that introspective arguing, during a ride back home, but instead hanging with the group of friends while making fun of boys in the street.

Why 666Bus reminds us of that, we’ll never know, and won’t care.

However, one constant remains. Reptaliens does its thing in this song.

We like it for simplicity, and it being direct in its summation.

We dig them. Now twice. Whoa!


They’re rep’ed by Captured Tracks, and their album “FM-2030” drops October 6, 2017. Check ’em out!



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