Reptaliens – If You Want

Portland band, Reptaliens, kick out their debut album and song “If You Want”. Appropriate dreaming is necessary and as they point out “abstract expressionism and surrealism” comes with the territory.

And we want, as “If You Want” crawled on to our backs and nibbled at our back center of our skulls – telling and pleading that this is some good s*it. And to our surprise, it is. We’re comforted.

We’re not comforted, though, by the weird thing that crawled on to our backs. It could have been an exhausted mini-ghost that just was unlucky in being born as a mini-ghost. We should have asked it whether it was bullied in ‘ghost school’ and if the bullying continues to this day in to ghost-adulthood.

Well, in any case, the ‘mini-ghost’ just was persistent. So, we gave in, and we’re happy we did. “If You Want” is a ‘lazy’, ‘drag-out’, ‘lonely mid-summer evening breeze’ kind of song. And seems it signifies what Reptaliens represents and want to sing about.

The attitude is clear but laid back; the feel is soothing and loving.

Congrats Reptaliens, on the debut album. It will be out October 2017 (via Captured Tracks).


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