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REPTIEL Shares ‘The Spirit Usher’. Listen. Jam. Enjoy.

‘Psychedelic Indie Prog Rock’. That’s a mouth full. And that says to fans that there’s much layering in the music produced by the band. It’s a big promise. It’s a kinship that is being assured by the band to the listener.

Can that be delivered?

In the right way?

In the way the listener can appreciate?

‘The Spirit Usher’ is a song from REPTIEL – a band of ‘misfits’ strung together through several other band. They say they love the San Francisco scene, and do their best to add to that glorious and fulfilling environment.

Well, at least that’s how we’d think the band’s aspirations are.

Anywho, through ‘The Spirit Usher’ the ‘jam session’ feel comes through in spades. If you like that kind of thing, it’s all there in a fabulous buffet of sounds, ready for your ears. The first half is definitely prog-rock, then rolls into a slow creep with some of that psychedelia you’d want to experience.

Seems like an interesting group of humans, for sure.

REPTIEL is a band made up of member from: The Cubby Creatures , Thee More Shallows and The Druggles.


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