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Reptile Room // Eden Warsaw // Blanks // Arthrn // michel ko

Reptile Room – Design

Bill Zimmerman with Sean & Sami Michelsen make up the project REPTILE ROOM. Formed in 2017, the electro-pop trio, makes it easy to be consumed. Atlanta based, the outfit will be dropping their new album ‘Jade’ on August 9th. ‘Jade’ will explore subjects of relationships, addictions and internal strife – all while trying to find ‘peace’ through the pain. The self produce and released singles by REPTILE ROOM come with zero signs of any trepidation, as each beat reverberates into trance like loops and seemingly insurmountable aura and attitudes. The strength is in the subtleties, underwritten by the sultry shimmer of it all. Look for more from this exciting project.

Eden Warsaw – Ecstasy

EDEN WARSAW is Toronto based 4 piece band who push for the new in their music, with independent mindsets and attitudes. In ‘Ecstasy’ they deliver on their promise, as the accompanying music video encourages further their brand of pop and casts a beautiful haze for what’s next. The radio friendly production of ‘Ecstasy’ is a cast in violet, and floral encantations, as the vocals drizzle magic for the relationship that is extraordinary and one of a kind. Recorded in Toronto, engineered by Multi-Juno winner Carmon Barry, mastered by Grammy Nominee Joao Carvalho. EDEN WARSWA consists of Mark David Polak, Phanat Chan, Kyle Densmore, and Troy Donaldson.

Blanks – Let’s Get Lost

Yep. It happened. We danced. Yep. Can you believe it? And along with that, some pillows were involved. Right?!? What made that happen all of a sudden? BLANKS’ single ‘Let’s Get Lost’. It’s bouncy. Like trampoline kind of bouncy. And as our appendages moved with abandon, we smiled and looked at the sunny day outside the window. Wondered where our meal of the day was coming (by this time, it was a bit late), but didn’t really care, for the song make the day okay! Like you sing with it. Like you dance with it. You clap with the beat. And we kissed our cheeks. The other cheeks (get your head out of the gutter, will ya?!). BLANKS is Dutch, and he loves making happy music for all of us to dig. Mission accomplished.

Arthrn – Silicon skeleton

ARTHRN is a French artist, producer, and composer. The irresistible fractals of the looping, chants with excited expectations – of her, about her. He produces with artist like: Bones (Team Sesh), OmenXIII, Nothing,Nowhere, Sybyr, CJTopOff, Lil Traffic, Foreign Forest, VELVETEARS, Mixed matches, Ego Mackey, $hy, ʎpoqou, Gosuto, Gizmo, Saphir, Jorrdee, NxxxxxS, Zuukou Mayzee 667, Lala &ce, Retro X, Bitsu, Wit., Safia Bahmed-Schwartz, etc.

michel ko – EASiLY

Japan based pop artist MICHEL KO comes up with some pop magic in ‘EASiLY’. A love story of a girl, and a guy, between folds of relationships that sparkle, with each kiss and caress. A longing for the finale of the story, comes at the last chapter, with zero pretense and degradation. The blues based funky chords, chuck out the adorations in charm and deliciousness. Your cheeks turn pink in blush, as the years of the future thoughts rush in from the ether. MICHEL KO delivers with passion and vibrance in this single. A decoration of flowers and pastel dreams, that just linger with every scent.


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