reSouza – Your Melody (Video Premiere)

reSouza premieres her video for her melodic ballad ‘Your Melody’. We’d featured her single before and it’s fabulous to see her in a visual format.

reSouza is a Brazilian-Norwegian singer & songwriter based in Bergen, Norway and we dig her, a lot. We’re looking forward to more from her. She tells us that her song is to be part of the popular Norwegian series, ‘Unge Lovende’. We’re looking forward to that, for sure.

In our past article we’d said that: “reSouza is Renate Hellerud and her song ‘Your Melody’ is just a fabulously beautiful thought- in that lovely shimmer that exists in a second, a minute, an hour. It wakes and longs for the perfect – a perfect imperfection we fall in love to.”

That still stands.

Congrats Renate and the gang for the hard work.


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