Return Look: Buffalo Sex Change Shares ‘Creature’. “G R O W L!”

Once he came into the party, she was hooked. His body was gorgeous. His face was handsome. The way he smiled was all cuteness to the hilt. She wanted him. And she wanted him now. Her urge to go out with this stranger was getting stronger, and stronger. Her grip on her drink glass was getting slipperier from her hand perspiration. The thought of him holding her; she couldn’t resist the fantasy.

And it didn’t need to be a fantasy.

She had on a horizontally striped, multi-colored sweater with skinny suspenders in red and black. She had her ‘Blondie’ type 80’s hair curls with the 80’s make-up to boot. Her waist high taper pants ended dramatically at black stockings, showing just enough within her red mid-heels.

She was on the prowl.

She focused on her target.

She pouted her lips, and fluttered her eye-lashes, before reaching where he was.


“Hi, yourself. What bring you to this part of town?”

“Oh nothin’ Maybe just to talk to you. Is that alright?” she said, as she fluttered away.

“For sure. Welcome, ma lady.”

BUFFALO SEX CHANGE is the project of Clayton Eddy and Phil Pierce. They make music that is awesome, straight forward, ominous, and fantastical – all of the ingredients you’d want from a fun band.

In ‘Creature’ it is what animalistic desires we endure, and manage. But sometimes…sometimes we have to let it out.

It’s a win-win situation, if the match is right, no?



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