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Return Look: Collin Mcinelly Shares ‘I Don’t Know’.

Looking out on the plains of the land I owned. My mind reeled with the sense of accomplishment and awe. For the land had fed me and my family for these decades, successfully. We’d been happy, and sound in this wonderland we called home.

One day a dark cloud approached from the south-east wall of the horizon. It came very slowly and it seemed to get larger and larger as the days went by.

It was one month since I’d seen that patch of sky, go black and it seemed to have, in an odd way, been seeking our land and family. Our neighbors never saw it. Still don’t see it to this day.

Only who’s related to me in blood can see it in that far away sky.

What is it?

What does it want?

It drives us crazy.

What had I done to deserve this?!

COLLIN MCINELLY had written and produced this song in November. The apropos feelings of an Autumn season is definitely in the song, but most importantly, it still retains the steel resolve in ‘confession’ within. For this ‘confession’ is within Collin, and his admission with life and the thoughts in his mind, intrigue and fascinate him in a visceral way.

We think that’s just natural and ideal for a song.

In any case, let’s find out what else Collin will publish in the near future.



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