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Return Look: Kandur Shares Live Music City Sessions Of Single ‘Did You Ever’.

Candor. Being a candid person. Being a person of honesty and a proponent for truth. This seems to be the direction for much of what KANDUR’s founder Ilker Kandur looks forward to disseminating via his music.

“Music City Hotel was my first home when I moved to San Francisco in the end of October 2013 (then known as Encore Express). I stayed there about two weeks, while I was discovering San Francisco. Since then I’ve been coming back to Music City for auditioning band members, rehearsals and jam sessions. I wrote my second single “Save Me” in one of the rehearsal rooms when I was casually jamming with my drummer Diana, with whom we hit the road to Austin as a duo to play Music City x Balanced Breakfast SxSW Showcase”.

KANDUR’s latest EP is named ‘Fantasy’. It is available now, and its alt-rock-pop tracks takes a peek at Ilker’s past and ‘influences’.



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