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Return Look: Thee MVPs Shares ‘American Dreamin’. “Medicine For Your Cause.”

Sometimes we all need some good ol’ rock to kick us in the booty. You know. To get motivated. To get inspired. Or just to get going with your pals to the house party downtown. But whatever the cause, THEE MVPs has their single ‘American Dreamin’ to do that exact prescription.


Hands shaking?

Eyes bulging?

Screeching at the stage, out of nowhere?

Looks like a job for THEE MVPs line of panaceas, for those down-trodden days.

Take 2 of THEE MVPs pills and you’ll be right up again, as rain (?).

Or in the worst case scenario, you’ll be buying tickets with your friends to their concert, testing out the symptoms of such ‘rock-goodness’, and then passing out in a joyful-bliss.

Not bad.

We recommend you enjoy the modern take on 60’s American rock, and just go with the flow.

Motorcycle available? Could be cool too.



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