Reva DeVito ‘Bet You Stay’ : Palpable grandeur in all the right ways.

Reva DeVito / Photo: Keanu Narciso

Portland-based singer/songwriter Reva Devito gets your mojo for love going with ‘Bet You Stay’. It’s a harkening back to the times of r&b/soul pop of the 90’s that we accuse it of divine fabulousness. Her last EP, ‘The Move’ garnered over 10 million plays on Spotify alone, showcasing her timelessness as an artist with a vibrant mix of neo-soul, 90’s R&B, and jazz.

Chocolatey vibes and beats are of the best traditions of outfits that lists SWV, Brownstone, and Jodeci. The drizzle of beauty, delivers with palpable grandeur in all the right ways.

Said Reva: “This year and most of last were extremely transformational years of my life. For the songs on this upcoming record, I drew a lot from the loss that I experienced contributing to major growing pains.”


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