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Reva DeVito – Cali

Reva Devito is now preparing to step back into the spotlight, kicking it off with her debut album slated for release early next year on Ultra Records. The album is set to be one of the most personal yet for Reva, sharing “For the songs on this upcoming record, I drew a lot from the loss that I experienced contributing to major growing pains. It’s not easy to let parts of yourself die and to step into your power, so I am grateful I had this project to channel some of that energy into.” The single ‘Cali’ delivers in its relaxing vibes, tropical takes, and suggestions – the road where lively discussions in love and lust, converge to make things more colorful. It’s a good thing, as Reva’s ravanous desire to communicate such journeys to our psyche is gloriously pop-profound. “I knew I wanted to do a video for ‘Cali’ and talked about a few ideas with my creative partner, Tiki,” added Reva. “A few days later, I ran into my friend De’Angelo and remembered he had my 80’s Toyota dream van, and I thought this would be perfect for the vision. De’Angelo agreed to a daytime shooting adventure and we literally threw the video together within a matter of days. I wanted to highlight the lyrical content of Cali that expresses adventure with a friend, where you’re not sure whether there is a romantic aspect or not, you just know it’s something special and want to enjoy each and every moment with that person. The idea is that we’re on our way to California from Oregon, and making the best of our trip.” Indeed Reva. Indeed.

Oliver Spalding – Xanax

Twenty three year old, UK artist and songwriter Oliver Spaldingr’s vocals is beautifully presented in ‘Xanax’. Falsetto set to a heaven’s dial level, the classic 80’s guitar vibes, deliver with a punch that immerses your senses to a different Universe. Early praise for the record has come in from the likes of The FADER, who note that Spalding has a knack for coding his “saddest feelings as bright, explosive pop songs,” and Clash Magazine who lauded the “ambitious effort” where “baroque flourishes are dictated by lush 80s style synthetic layers of sound.” And every ounce of such accolade, is deserved by this talent. Oliver said: “‘Xanax’ is about people using suppressive drugs or ‘downers’ to escape emotional pain. And by doing so causing a backlog of demons that they will one day have to face!” The floating arches of ambitions and sentimentality, clash lovingly and gloriously in ‘Xanax’. “My honesty in songwriting is key,” added Oliver. “The aim of this [upcoming] album (‘Novemberism’/ November 15th) was to be raw and emotional. Emotions are scary and no one wants to face them, and that’s what I wanted the album to feel like – something that is uncomfortable but also beautifully revealing.”

Evan Blum – Bored

“This song is about that pivotal moment in your life when you just say, ‘You know what? Everything’s a mess right now and I don’t even wanna fix it. Let me see what’s going on in other people’s lives.’” We’ve all been there. Receiving solace, as we people watch. It’s more satisfying. It’s what we do, when we’re down. We wish and we wish. Evan Blum’s latest ‘Bored’ is about the repetitive cycle of churning through the world, with a seemingly less-than-satisfactory result. ‘Bored’ also is that niggling vibe and thought that we have when we feel ‘defeated’. But we shouldn’t be. Shouldn’t be ‘defeated’, for it’s never over, until it’s really over. The silver lining is always there. Evan thinks it’s worth to look at life at a different angle. With writing and production help from Cory Batchler and Grant Sayler, the track has an energetic aura that is anything but boring. Evan Blum is a songwriter, producer, and singer based out of Los Angeles.

SANTo + the PPL – Pull Up

Twenty five year old songwriter, producer, and multimedia artist Jacob Klein always wants to know more about himself and what he can be. Through a journey of self-discovery (while driving back, 200 miles into the Utah-desert) Jacob pulled over to set up camp in the Valley of the Gods. That night, with midnight-howling-winds and stars piercing the sky, risen from the ashes of his past, SANTo emerged. In his previous life Jacob trained in jazz composition, songwriting, and the recording arts with numerous luminaries at multifarious institutions. In his various projects, he performed with the likes of Maroon 5 and Selena Gomez, worked with Elliot Smith-producer Larry Crane, received guidance from Kanye West and Beyonce-collaborator Malik Yusef, and mentored in songwriting under Jules Shear. With his project SANTo, his methods of expression, drenched in shimmer, throws out empathetic glimpses of thought and emotion. As Jacob stated: “‘Pull Up’ explores the universal experience of life through the hyper-personal. Growing up, coming-of-age, falling in and out of love, getting lost in the beauty and the darkness of this world and striving to find the balance. This song and video celebrates and acknowledges those people who ride the waves with us.” Word.

Gregory Dillon – Vacuum

Depeche Mode meets Robyn on ‘Vacuum’. Gregory Dillon brings his synth glory in this latest of singles, with aesthetic visuals, both decadent and impulsively defiant in its love’s message. Gregory said that this is: “the darkest synth-pop single I’ve released so far, captures my spiral into “the void” during a relationship gone wrong and a reckless actions I used to cope within it.” With the unlimited power of the hooky chorus, Gregory’s fabulous wit and interest for the nominally-macabre (in love), comes through with flying daggers, as the Bowie-like attitude, is delivered in that purposefully driving synth work that he’s fulfilled in this audible sheen. ‘Vacuum’ premiered at V Magazine with exclusive promotional photos and video teasers, following their coverage of Gregory’s set at Bushwig Festival 2019. He added: “The song is set to appear on my debut color-blocked EP, ‘Send Me Letters’, and will be part of my upcoming short film pop-opera for release along with the EP this December.” Interesting, fragrant, and never dull, Gregory Dillon’s aptitude for changing genres while developing his own, satisfies, urgently.


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