Reveal Party ‘I’m A Girl’ : Being strong is the message. Never give up is the action.

Reveal Party / Photo: Gloria Berenice Moreno

“‘I’m A Girl’ was a statement for me, I don’t usually write statements, so maybe it’s a weird thing to have be my first release and meeting with the world?” said Reveal Party. “I wanted something trans women could sing along to at our shows and cry their fucking hearts out, the same way I’ve done at other shows. I wanted to make it absolutely clear that I’m a girl despite friends I never had, that I don’t have to have been any certain way or have had this or this sign.”

Reveal Party is about a soul that had gone through challenges of immense personal proportions. A gravity of hardship, very much alone – never quite the same, but always so prevalent. An emotional rollercoaster of living and surviving, is ‘I’m A Girl’. An anthem where freedom, starts with the self – radiating to others, as time rolls on by.

“Trans people always have to justify our trans-ness by explaining that we are and have always been this or that way, or we had these signs or whatever. Being trans isn’t a choice, but that statement often implies that if it was a choice, we should choose not to.”

“I dress like a girl, I sound and walk around like a girl, but ultimately none of those things make me a girl, I didn’t choose to be a girl, I just am, and I do not have to justify this to anyone, and neither does anyone else. It does not make me lesser.”

Being strong is the message. Never give up is the action.


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