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Revisit! Ninety’s Story – ‘Kikuyu’ (Official Video)

Ninety’s Story’s Kikuyu brings the musical texture found in just glimpses of today’s continuum of sounds. Gentle and weeping, ‘Kikuyu’ makes one forget the the bounded limits and let’s one slide into ‘nothingness’ – provoking conscious calm, in a day filled with stutter steps.

“Flip that switch to another plane of conscious neglect. Move those knees. Sometimes you need it.”

Finding out about new acts is fun. It’s a present that sometimes feels very good. And one of those times is when, in a far away country, isolated from the ‘English speaking’ air-waves, the existence of fabulous music/musicians is a lot of the time, profound. Well, even if it’s only for 4-odd minutes.

Now, the video itself is opposite of what the song itself represents. Individually, the contrast is wide. The video does the song bit of a dis-service.

Not by much.

But it does. At least to us.

This is a point of contention, because without the visuals, the song is, as we’d mentioned ‘mentoring’ and consumingly ‘meditative’.

The capture of the essence of the song comes at the end.

The horns are just to DIE FOR. Which, coxes our minds to relate to the fabulous collaborative song between Robyn & Royksopp in ‘Monument’ (2014)- where a similar break in the narration is stamped by several bars of ‘horns’.

Guess we like that ‘horn’ effect on us.

We love it.

And we dig ‘Kikuyu’.

Wish we’d known of this song, bit earlier.

Oh well =D

Ninety’s Story’s EP dropped in November 23rd, 2017. It is available now.




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